5 Best Litecoin Gambling Sites In 2024


There are many betting sites for people that love gambling with Litecoin. However, not all Litecoin casinos can be considered excellent or trustworthy with your coins. 

We reviewed the best Litecoin gambling and betting sites, so you do not have to. 

Whether you are looking to jump into Litecoin slot machines, play some Litecoin dice games, or use Litecoin for crypto sports betting, there is no doubt that you will find what suits you best in this list of Litecoin betting sites.

Why is Litecoin suitable for gambling and sports betting?

Many crypto users choose Litecoin to fulfill their gambling and betting needs, and not without a good reason. While the best Bitcoin casinos might be more attractive to most, Litecoin is often a more thoughtful way to go for several reasons. 

Litecoin suitable for gambling and sport betting

In fact, there are at least four good reasons to use Litecoin when using cryptocurrency betting sites and casinos, such as:

Decent transaction speed 

Litecoin transactions are processed quite fast compared to Bitcoin or banks. 

Because transactions are fast, users can make deposits and withdrawals quickly without waiting long for money to switch accounts.

Low transaction fees 

Litecoin transaction fees are generally low and insignificant, knowing how outstanding the costs can be when using other cryptocurrencies. 

Lower transaction fees of Litecoin can encourage users to make smaller bets without giving away winnings for fees.

Robust security 

Litecoin is a decentralized proof-of-work blockchain network just like Bitcoin, meaning transactions are safe and secure. 

If you are concerned about the security of your personal and financial information, Litecoin can give you a piece of mind as long as you use a non-custodial wallet.

An appropriate level of anonymity 

Litecoin offers users a considerable degree of anonymity. Knowing that many wish to keep their gambling and sports betting activities private, it’s as essential as any other reason. 

However, note that transactions on the Litecoin blockchain are not necessarily anonymous, depending on your online habits and exposure. But with the right approach, Litecoin can provide you with more than enough anonymity. 

The good thing is the best online casinos are often accepting Litecoin deposits, so you are more than welcome to use it almost anywhere. 

Top online casinos accepting Litecoin

Now that you know how to choose the best Litecoin gambling and betting sites and how to take the first steps to gamble with Litecoin, let’s review the best online casinos and betting sites that accept Litecoin and satisfy your expectations.


Stake.com homepage screeshot

If you are on the lookout for an online casino and sportsbook that offers a wide range of games and betting options, Stake.com is a great choice. It has a good track record and is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

What makes Stake.com attractive to many users is its focus on cryptocurrency payments. It accepts Litecoin but also a variety of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Speaking of variety in casino games, Stake.com offers slots, table games, and live dealer games. It is all in addition to a comprehensive sportsbook covering a broad range of sports and events. 

A cherry on top is its modern, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Believe it or not, it saves you time and stress when finding the games or bets you’re interested in is easy.

In essence, Stake.com is known to be a reliable and secure online gambling platform with a strong focus on responsible gambling. For betting with Litecoin, it is an excellent choice.


Tonybet casino homepage screenshot

Another Litecoin-friendly online crypto sports betting and casino platform is Tonybet. This company also is licensed and regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. 

Like many other betting sites on this list, Tonybet offers a wide range of sports betting options, as well as a variety of casino games.

Worth noting that Tonybet focuses heavily on live betting and allows users to place bets with Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies on sporting events as they are happening in real time. This aspect of extra excitement and engagement drives many Litecoin betting fans to Tonybet.

On top of it, Tonybet also offers a wide range of casino games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It also has a 24/7 dedicated customer support team, which you might appreciate.


Sportsbet.io homepage screenshot

Licensed and regulated by the Curacao government, Sportsbet.io is a sports betting platform that offers a wide range of sports betting options, from football and basketball to tennis and esports with live in-play betting.

On top of sports betting, Spotsbet.io offers various casino games, such as slots, table games, and live dealer games. They also have a support team ready to assist 24/7, which is always a huge plus.

The website is very intuitive and is heavy on esports and classics, so if you are looking to bet with Litecoin, know that Sportsbet.io accepts cryptocurrency payments in many coins, making it not only Litecoin but also one of the best Bitcoin and Ethereum gambling sites for gamers. 


Jackbit Casino homepage screenshot

JackBit is a leading crypto casino and sportsbook promising unlimited fun and excitement with more than 4,000 games and over 1,000 sports markets. 

JackBit’s library includes seemingly every classic casino game imaginable, including virtual slots, bonus buys, jackpot games, megaways, table games, video poker, video bingos, lotto, scratch cards, live dealer games, etc. 

JackBit is also a fully-crypto operator licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao, which boosts its trustworthiness and reliability significantly. As such, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many, many other cryptocurrencies are welcome payment options here. 


Cloudbet Casino homepage screenshot

Cloudbet has been around since 2013 and has established itself as one of the most well-developed and popular betting platforms with 100,000 users that bet with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other crypto assets. 

It’s also one of few state-of-the-art Litecoin and Bitcoin bookmakers for esports that prides itself on offering the best odds and lowest margins to its players. Like most betting sites on this list, it is also regulated and licensed in Curacao.

Enjoy live betting casinos at 60+ tables featuring the best table games with live-dealers and also popular high-multiplier game shows. Or try your luck in a range of exciting Litecoin jackpot slots.

Factors to consider when choosing Litecoin gambling sites

Before you start gambling with Litecoin, it’s important to consider several factors that might impact your gambling experience regarding safety and enjoyment. 

To make fewer mistakes, let’s review some of the questions you should ask yourself before diving into cryptocurrency casinos heads-on.

Factors to consider when choosing Litecoin gambling sites

Does the betting site have a good reputation? 

It is one of the most important questions to ask yourself right away. Does the gambling website you chose have a good reputation? 

All it takes to check the reputation of a particular gambling site is to make a few google searches and read customer feedback. You’ll know right away if there are any red flags you should be aware of. 

Keep an eye if a site has a track record of fair play and is not scrutinized for untimely payouts.  

Is the betting site licensed and regulated?

If possible, check whether the gambling site is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. This indicator shows if a site operates fairly and has all the tools to protect your funds and identity.

Does the betting site have a wide game selection?

Do you have any favorite games you like to play? Because not all gambling sites offer all the games that you can think of. 

Be sure to check if the site has a wide selection of games, including your favorite casino games and sports betting options. Having a variety of options to choose from never hurts.

What kind of payment methods does the betting site offer?

The trick is to look for betting sites that offer fast and secure deposit and withdrawal options. If the fees are low, it’s even better. 

Of course, if you want to use Litecoin for your gambling sessions, ensure they have that ready for you.

Does the betting site offer any bonuses or promotions? 

Welcome bonuses, free spins, cashback offers – all these are just extra goodies for you to take advantage of. 

Knowing how competitive the betting industry is, it’s quite easy to find betting sites that offer additional advantages that can increase your chances of winning and enhance your overall gambling experience. 

Some casinos and betting sites might even offer bonuses for Litecoin deposits, so look out for that. 

Does the betting site have dedicated customer support? 

Customer support in betting sites is vital, although often underrated – you never know when you might need some help with an unexpected issue.

The best way to identify good customer support is by looking for sites that offer 24/7 support with multiple communication channels, such as live chat, email, and phone support.

Does the betting site offer a good user experience and is easy to navigate?

You definitely do not want to end up on a confusing site that annoys you with ads or aggressive promotions. When you consider everything else and still can not decide, choose what makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

How to gamble with Litecoin?

If you are new to crypto gambling, it might initially be confusing and overwhelming. However, gambling with Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies is quite straightforward and can be summed up in four steps. 

How to gamble with Litecoin

Here’s a short starter guide for gambling with Litecoin:

Step #1: Set up a Litecoin wallet

First, you need a wallet. If security and anonymity are important to you, you better choose a non-custodial wallet that allows you to own your private keys. 

Litecoin wallets such as Exodus and Electrum-LTC would serve perfectly as a non-custodial option. However, you can also use custodial wallets such as Crypto.com, Coinbase, etc.

It is better to use Monero cryptocurrency and visit Monero casinos for maximum anonymity.

Step #2: Get some Litecoin

When you create a wallet, you are ready to place some Litecoin on it. You can buy Litecoin with a credit and debit card on sites like CoinGate or Simplex. You can also buy Litecoin on almost every exchange or peer-to-peer – whatever works best for you.

Step #3: Deposit Litecoin on a gambling site

When you have Litecoin, simply go to a betting site you like, create an account, and deposit Litecoin to it. It is a simple process, but if you get stuck, a lot of betting sites offer guides on how to do it.

Step #4: Withdraw Litecoin from a gambling site

When you are done gambling with Litecoin and are ready to take profits, simply withdraw from a site back to your wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Litecoin gambling

Is Litecoin gambling legal?

You should check with your local government laws, but generally, as long as it is legal in your country to use cryptocurrencies, it is likely allowed.

How do I acquire Litecoin for gambling purposes?

You can buy Litecoin with a credit or debit card or by using a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Are Litecoin gambling sites safe and trustworthy?

If the site is regulated and licensed, it should be safe. If it allows connecting with a wallet, it should be considered even safer.

What types of games and betting options are available on Litecoin gambling sites?

Litecoin gambling and betting sites offer a huge variety of games, from slots, and jackpot slots to classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, also esports and live sports betting.

Can I use other cryptocurrencies for gambling instead of Litecoin?

Yes. Almost all betting exchange sites that accept Litecoin bets will also take many other cryptocurrencies.

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