Best Roobet strategy: top tactics for 2024

Best Roobet strategy

Best Roobet Strategy: gain a slight advantage

On Roobet, players can enjoy a wide variety of games including slots, live casino games, table games, original Roobet games, keno, bingo, and video poker. In this article I will cover the best Roobet strategy in order to help you win more in this exciting online casino. 

I will describe Martingale method, Paroli Approach (which I think is the best Roobet strategy), also Martingale Approach for break-even and D’Alembert method in this article.

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By the way, Roobet platform accepts major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for betting, providing convenience for players who prefer using digital currencies.

5 best Strategies for Roobet

To boost your winning odds, utilize effective strategies to manage your bets and timing within the game. Employ proven tactics for Roobet Crash to optimize success and minimize losses.

For Dice on Roobet, heed advice from seasoned players for an edge. Start with modest bets to learn the game with minimal risk. Consider the “Martingale” strategy, doubling bets after losses to recoup them with a win.

Alternatively, try the “Paroli” method, increasing bets after wins to ride winning streaks. Lastly, analyze game patterns for informed decision-making.

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I described the aforementioned tactics in more detail below.

1. The Martingale Method

A technique that many Roobet Crash and Dice players follow is the Martingale technique. The Martingale system is a gambling technique that looks for chance. 

The primary principle of the Martingale approach is that losses statistically cannot occur every time. Therefore you must anticipate future wins by doubling the initial bet after every loss. 

It is recommended that Roobet Crash players request to be paid out as soon as the multiplier reaches x1.5 or x2 to increase the chances of many small wins in favor of one large win which is more lucrative over the long term.

The following is how this method is used: 

  • A gambler wagers $12 dollars (10mBTC), but the stake is lost since the multiplier collapses before then. 
  • The next wager is $24 (20mBTC), which is twice the first one.
  • The player will receive $48 (40 million Bitcoin) if they lose once more.
Best Roobet strategy
Best Roobet strategy: The Martingale Method

2. The Paroli Approach – best Roobet strategy

I want to point that Paroli approach is the best Roobet strategy for me. Maybe you would choose differently. By I suggest to use it.

This is an easy method to implement. The Paroli method can be used for any type of game of chance, including sports betting and Dice and Crash, that involves equal bets, 50/50 chances, and a currency. The main goal of the technique is to win frequently by doubling up on victories and maintaining the same stake in losses. 

It is advised that players: 

  • Start with a little investment of 15mBTC to increase your chances of winning. 
  • If the gambler wins 30mBTC, they should double their bet. 
  • The wager should be raised to 60mBTC if the player wins twice. 
  • The stake should be reset to its starting value after three wins because there is very little chance of winning a fourth time. 

Compared to other strategies, this one is less aggressive, extending the player’s money and raising the odds of winning. 

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3. The Martingale Approach for Break-even

The initial stage of this technique stretches out the betting more by only doubling the stake on the third or fourth round, but it still operates on the same principles as the Martingale strategy.

This could lead to a protracted losing run, but the victories are more important. For gamers of Dice and Roobet Crash, this is a useful tactic. 

This approach functions by:

  • The participant places a fairly modest stake – 30mBTC or less – and if they lose, they should place a second gamble of the same amoun – 30mBTC.
  • The Martingale technique kicks in and the wager should be doubled to 60mBTC if the second bet is lost. 

4. The D’Alembert Method

This method was created in opposition to the false assumption that a chance result is affected by the result that came before it, such as the idea that if three blacks appear on the roulette wheel, the next result is more likely to be red. 

D’Alembert’s Approach, on the other hand, contends that in 50/50 games of chance, there should be a balance between the two possible outcomes, meaning that a player should, on average, win about equal to the number of bets they have lost.

Users advise taking the following actions while applying D’Alembert’s Approach:

  • The ideal option is to use 2% of your entire cash as the base bet amount. It is advised to stick to the 5% range if you would like to bet more. We’ll use a $2 starting bet in this example. 
  • In the event that the wager is unsuccessful, the stake for the following round should be increased by x1 of the initial bet; for example, if you started with $2, your stake in the second round should be $4. 
  • The stake should stay at $2 if the initial wager wins.
  • For the next round, if the second wager wins, the stake will be reduced by x1 of the starting stake value. For example, if you won $8, the next bet should be $6

Because winning wagers are made at larger risks than losing wagers, this approach is significantly less aggressive than others and carries less risk for players. Even if you lose as often as you win, you will still make money from the game. 

5. Mines strategy 

A Roobet Mines approach turns this enjoyable and calming game into a genuine chance to earn substantial winnings. Experience and winner data show that the best Mines strategy at Roobet is to just play the game with long-term objectives in mind.

  • After locating three mines, participants place their first wager, which they advise starting at 0.01% of their total playing budget.
  • Throughout the game, be sure to actively select your tiles and refrain from using the same order too much. In the event that a player wins, they should double their wager; in the event that they lose, their original wager should be returned.  
  • It is advised that novice players take their winnings out after choosing six or eight tiles to maximize their payout. 

Players that have engaged in these game categories have demonstrated the efficacy of these Crash, Dice, and Mines techniques. 

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Best Roobet Towers Strategies

The simplicity of Towers Roobet is among the things that draw in a lot of gamers. To be honest, there isn’t much to the game that is difficult, so trying to find a hack is kind of useless. In the end, the whole point of the game is to concentrate on winning runs.

As a result, we have put together a list of Towers Strategies and advice that will assist you in creating a successful plan.

Best Roobet strategy
Best Roobet strategy: Tower strategies

1. Choose the appropriate degree of difficulty.

It truly boils down to your comfort level with risk and your budget when choosing the appropriate Towers difficulty level. The simple setting is your best bet if you’d rather keep your risk lower. But if you’re willing to take chances, the hard mode might be your best bet.

2. Play Often – one of the easiest and best Roobet strategy

The goal of Towers is to accumulate little victories rather than striving for large ones. The easiest method to achieve that is to play often, which will allow you to concentrate on building up and paying off little victories.
We assure you that while pursuing big wins is not sustainable, these pile up over time.

3. Get Your Modest Gains Paid Off

One of the best tactics you can use when playing Towers, regardless of the difficulty level you select, is cashing out your small victories.

When on a winning streak, which ultimately comes to an end, this is extremely crucial. Consequently, always remember to pay out following a brief winning run so that you can save the winnings and put them aside for your next Towers game session.

Difficulty settings in Roobet Towers

The five difficulty settings available in Roobet’s Towers game are Scary, Spooky, Easy, Medium, and Hard. The mode you choose will determine the game’s chances and winnings.

There is a 25% chance of winning in the Scary mode, a 33% chance in the Spooky mode, a 50% chance in the Hard mode, a 66% chance in the Medium mode, and a 75% chance in the Easy option.


1. Are Towers and Roobet secure?

Indeed, Roobet and Towers by Roobet are safe because of Roobet’s authorization from the Curacaoan government.

2. Can I bet Bitcoin on Towers at Roobet?

Indeed, you may gamble with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Towers as part of the cryptocurrency gaming experience. These include Litecoin and Ethereum.
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Additional Roobet strategy

Although there isn’t a foolproof formula for success, using methods can help you get there. Also I suggest having in mind those strategies while betting online.

1. Bankroll Management:

Effective bankroll management is crucial in Roobet Crash. You should set aside a dedicated bankroll for the game and avoid betting more than they can afford to lose. It’s important to have a clear understanding of risk management and to establish a betting strategy that aligns with their bankroll.

2. Timing Your Bets:

Timing is everything in Roobet Crash. You can strategize by closely monitoring the game and placing their bets at the right moment. It’s essential to track the patterns of previous crashes and identify opportune moments to enter the game.

3. Set Profit and Loss Limits:

Setting predetermined profit and loss limits can help you maintain discipline and avoid reckless betting. You should establish a clear target for their winnings and know when to walk away to prevent significant losses.

4. Conservative Roobet Strategy:

Adopting a conservative betting strategy can help you sustain their bankroll over the long term. Instead of chasing big profits, it’s advisable to place smaller, more calculated bets to minimize the impact of potential losses. By playing it safe, you can increase chances of staying in the game longer and experiencing more consistent returns.

Final words

I hope you liked this article of mine about best Roobet strategy and found it useful.

Overall, having a strategic approach can help you make big wins on your favorite games at Roobet Casino. Of course it is important to approach gambling with caution and to always practice responsible gambling.

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