Bitcoin “dumb money sells” as 328K BTC is added by whales and sharks in a month


Large Bitcoin buyers are willing to purchase Bitcoin at any price, while smaller market players reduce their exposure.

As coins move to bigger players, bitcoin is dividing hodler sentiment close to all-time highs.
According to data from on-chain analytics company Glassnode, whales of Bitcoin are “furiously accumulating” coins at the present rate of exchange.

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s “dumb money sells” phenomenon, accompanied by a staggering influx of 328,000 BTC accumulated by whales and sharks within a single month, underscores a significant shift in the cryptocurrency market dynamics.

As inexperienced retail investors hastily offload their holdings, seasoned institutional players and high-net-worth individuals seize the opportunity to bolster their positions, exploiting market fluctuations to their advantage.

This asymmetrical movement of wealth highlights the evolving nature of Bitcoin’s landscape, where the actions of well – capitalized entities can swiftly sway market sentiments and redefine price trajectories. While the concept of “dumb money” selling may suggest a lack of sophistication among retail participants, it also reflects the inherent volatility and speculative nature of the cryptocurrency space, where emotions often override rational decision-making.

Amidst the backdrop of heightened volatility and speculative fervor, the accumulation of 328,000 BTC by whales and sharks signals a calculated bet on Bitcoin’s long-term viability and potential for substantial returns.

These sophisticated investors, armed with deep pockets and strategic foresight, leverage their market influence to capitalize on price downturns, amassing significant holdings at opportune moments.

As retail investors capitulate to fear and uncertainty, institutional players opportunistically seize the chance to accumulate Bitcoin at discounted prices, bolstering their portfolios and solidifying their positions in the digital asset ecosystem.

This influx of institutional capital not only reflects growing confidence in Bitcoin’s value proposition but also underscores its increasing integration into traditional financial markets, as institutions recognize its role as a store of value and hedge against economic uncertainties.

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Large fish grab unneeded Bitcoin

The most recent on-chain statistics supports the widely divergent views that bitcoin investors have on the state of the present bull market.

There is a noticeable difference between larger and smaller allocations based on Glassnode’s coverage of the net position change for different cohorts of Bitcoin hodlers.

This week, the data were posted to X by well-known commentator Bitcoin Munger.

In the post, he made the case that “what you observe in nature is much like what you observe in markets.”

According to Glassnode, there is competition among Bitcoin “whales”, or entities holding 1,000 BTC or more, and “sharks,” or entities holding between 100 and 1,000 BTC, for currency possession.

As of March 17, whales had almost 84,000 BTC more than 30 days earlier, according to transfers between whale wallets and exchanges.

Sharks, whose data is not exchange-focused, started to significantly increase their exposure towards the end of February. Their 30-day net position change was 244,000 BTC as of March 17.

competition among Bitcoin "whales"
competition among Bitcoin “whales”

Both groups stand in stark contrast to Bitcoin “fish,” or people who own between 10 and 100 BTC. They have witnessed the asset distribution this month.

To Bitcoin Munger, the answer is obvious.

“We’re ascending much farther.”

“This time is different”

The state of bitcoin is now unstable since previous all-time highs are difficult to reverse to support.

Price discovery has only been present for a short while this month, notwithstanding the persistence of institutional inflows.

But Bitcoin Munger remained undaunted, comparing the current price cycle to history.

He said, “The fun hasn’t even started yet, relative to historical cycles.”

Typically, the regret from previous cycles was selling too late. Selling too soon will be this cycle’s regret. It’s not like that this time.
Bitcoin price performance since cycle low
Bitcoin price performance since cycle low

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