Embracing Volatility: It’s okay if Bitcoin drops to $30,000 – Navigating the Cryptocurrency Rollercoaster


The world economy is stagnant. However, a lot of purchasers continue to think that Bitcoin will rise to prominence in the economy. Their confidence will be reflected in the pricing.

Bitcoin will spend this year further solidifying its status as digital gold, regardless of any brief decline. In fact, Bitcoin will probably hold up in ways that many traditional assets – possibly even gold – fail to, just as it did in March 2023 during a banking crisis that was just barely avoided.

As some may have hoped, the big institutional foray into Bitcoin hasn’t exactly lighted up the markets, and it probably won’t for some time.

A significant portion of this incident has already been included into pricing, and few investors viewed the SEC’s grudging surrender as a glowing recommendation of cryptocurrencies.

Even so, $2 billion in assets have already been scooped up by BlackRock’s ETF, and more are catching along quickly, giving the largest cryptocurrency in the world unprecedented support.

In reality, the time when we all look back on the glorious days of Bitcoin volatility is rapidly approaching.

However, given the stresses of the global economy, we will probably likely witness a retreat in the interim.

The most significant of these is the US inflation rebound, which has destroyed expectations of a rate decrease before Q2 and will probably keep getting worse due to growing Middle East tensions and a prolonged European war.

Bitcoin: A Beacon of Stability Amidst Global Economic Uncertainty – Embracing Its Role as Digital Gold.

In addition, on March 11, the Bank Term Funding Programme (BTFP) would come to an end.

The only thing keeping American banks afloat during the near-crisis of the previous year, this may potentially expose more unsound underpinnings and cause the markets to tremble once again.

But more important than all of this is the mounting mountain of government debt on a worldwide scale.

This weight around the neck of the world’s economies, which is currently $91 trillion, is continuing to put pressure on fiat currencies and bond markets globally, with the IMF progressively raising concerns about the sustainability of public debt.

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Cryptocurrency: Global debt trend. Source: International Monetary Fund

Predicting the Future: Cryptocurrency’s Ascendancy Amidst Global Economic Forces

Since Bitcoin is a finite, transparent, unchangeable, and decentralised resource, its long – term idea value will increase, supporting prices in the medium to long term, even though it may initially sway with global markets in response to these forces.

Indeed, if not precisely as the Bitcoin maxis had planned, this year could see Bitcoin emerge as a worldwide economic leader.

In the end, though, it seems doubtful that this year will witness any significant Black Swan economic shocks.

Not only are there multiple presidential elections coming up in the United States, but over the next ten months, voters in seven out of ten of the most populous countries in the world – roughly half of the world’s population – will take to the polls.

Because of this, we can rely on policymakers to do all within their power to prevent any type of crisis, particularly in the banking industry, even while they lack the economic flexibility to deliver the rate cuts and massive spending sprees that many politicians may find appealing.

New bank support packages will be introduced in the United States, and the real estate sector will probably receive some attention as well.

As a result, no market, including Bitcoin, will remain down for very long this year.

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BTC markets
BTC markets

Instead, I believe that BTC will rise and surpass $50,000 in the second quarter before soaring into the impending bull market, following an early decline due to worries about the state of the world economy and some cautious trading regarding prolonged interest rates.

Too much time has passed since prices and sentiment stabilised, and risk appetite has returned to cryptocurrency, if not to global markets overall.

And those politicians will have to ensure that it remains that way if they hope to garner any votes.

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