Spot Bitcoin ETFs surpass $4.5 billion in total volume during trading day one

bitcoin spot etf

On the first day of trading, spot Bitcoin ETF volume exceeded $4.5 billion; nevertheless, as one of the issuers emphasised, it hasn’t yet qualified.

The products are a turning point for the cryptocurrency space, as they will determine whether or not digital assets, which are still seen as dangerous by many professionals, can be accepted as a viable form of investment.

A new suite of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) centred around Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a successful debut on its first day of trading, with BlackRock, Grayscale, and Fidelity’s ETFs leading the way in total volumes. However, one issuer’s start wasn’t what was anticipated.

Over $4.5 billion in total volume was traded on day one of the market for ten spot Bitcoin ETFs, according to aggregated data from Yahoo Finance.

According to Yahoo Finance data, Grayscale’s ETF, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), handled $2.3 billion in trade, or about 50% of the group’s total volume, making it the best-performing of the recently listed ETFs.

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Spot bitcoin etf
Spot bitcoin etf: the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF finished the day with a rise of 0.48%.

In the competitive landscape of the financial markets, a race for market share has been ignited by the allure of low fees offered by various issuers.

As Bitcoin reaches a two-year high, traders find themselves in a keen pursuit, closely monitoring bid-ask spreads for potential opportunities.

The combination of the cryptocurrency’s significant price movement and the focus on minimizing transaction costs has created a dynamic environment where market participants aim to capitalize on favorable trading conditions.

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The iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), BlackRock’s preferred Bitcoin ETF, gained about $1 billion in trading activity on the first day. On the first day of trading, Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust (FBTC) had $688 million exchanged in spot BTC ETF, placing it in third place.

Trading for Hashdex’s BTC ETF did not begin on January 11. The “DEFI” fund from Hashdex is still only trading as a futures-based ETF, despite the fact that the US Securities and Exchange Commission accepted Hashdex’s 19b-4 file, allowing its spot ETF product to be listed on US stock exchanges.

However, the SEC did not make its Form S-1 effective. Additionally, the business released an updated statement clarifying that the fund did not yet have any Bitcoin holdings in its portfolio.

The trading volume does not fully reflect the proportion of trading activity that was spent buying vs selling because it includes both inflows and outflows.

The bulk of trading activity for GBTC, according to senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, was likely selling as investors moved out of the fund and into more recent, lower-cost offerings like the corresponding ETFs from BlackRock and Fidelity. James Seyffart, a colleague, held the same opinion.

With over $2 billion in trading volume on the day, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF had record-breaking trading activity as well.

Additionally, it is hypothesised that this will mostly consist of selling as investors switch from exposure to Bitcoin through futures to less expensive, less volatile spot exposure.

Cane Macro investment manager Timothy Peterson calculated that the buying activity in the ETFs will need the purchase of about 47,000 Bitcoin, which is currently valued at $2.1 billion, on the spot market.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Investors Await Clarity on Inflows and Impact, Anticipating Insights on January 13

Bitcoin etf approval
Bitcoin etf approval: A Transformative Milestone in Cryptocurrency Investing

In the quest for insights into spot inflows and the impact of ETFs on Bitcoin purchases, investors are poised to await a clearer picture, with anticipated revelations on January 13, as highlighted by Balchunas.

The anticipation builds as market observers look forward to unraveling the intricate dynamics that may shape Bitcoin’s trajectory in the coming days.

The inaugural day of trading for Bitcoin-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs) witnessed substantial activity, with spot Bitcoin ETF volume surpassing an impressive $4.5 billion.

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Notably, while this marked a significant achievement, one issuer faced unexpected challenges, emphasizing that qualification is yet to be achieved.

These newly introduced ETFs, spearheaded by industry giants such as BlackRock, Grayscale, and Fidelity, hold considerable importance for the cryptocurrency space.

The success or hurdles encountered by these investment vehicles will play a pivotal role in determining the wider acceptance of digital assets, challenging the prevailing perceptions of risk and affirming their viability as a legitimate form of investment.

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