Toncoin, connected to Telegram, overtakes Cardano to rank ninth among cryptocurrencies


TONNE overtook Cardano’s ADA to take the ninth spot among all cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Will it keep up its speed to overtake Dogecoin next?

On April 9, Toncoin (TONNE) overtook Cardano’s ADA token to take the ninth spot among cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Is Toncoin’s parabolic ascent sustainable?

The ninth-largest cryptocurrency is now called TONNE

As of 1:45 pm UTC, TONNE had risen 13% daily to $6.65, surpassing the ADA’s $22 billion market cap to achieve a $23 billion market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap data.

The demonstration takes place the day after the creators of TONNE Society allocated $5 million in Toncoin as a means of encouraging people to utilise palm-scanning technology to authenticate themselves. Over the course of the next five years, the initiative intends to provide digital identity verification for Telegram users. Users that take part in the proof-of-personhood programme will get one million tokens (TONNE).

TONNE outperformed ADA thanks to the growing interest in it. nearly the past month, the price of TONNE has increased by nearly 135%, while the price of ADA has decreased by 15%.

Extending the zoom, TON’s price has risen by 183% year-to-date, but ADA’s price has decreased by 1.30%.

On March 20, TONNE unveiled a $115 million community incentive programme, allocating $38 million for airdrops, $15 million for The League developer ecosystem, $40 million for liquidity pool enhancements, and $15 million for token mining and user incentives. The program’s objective is to increase user uptake.

ADA experienced minimal interest this year, in contrast to Toncoin, as investors’ attention was drawn to the US Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other significant blockchain upgrades, such Ethereum’s Dencun update.

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Is TONNE able to keep its momentum?

Dogecoin has lagged behind Toncoin in terms of price movement; over the last month, TONNE has increased 130% while DOGE has only up 14.8%. According to TradingView, TONNE is up 177% year to date and DOGE is up 108%.

While Toncoin’s usefulness within the Telegram messaging service can immediately contribute to its price increase with rising user acceptance, Dogecoin’s price action is solely determined by speculation-driven demand.

On the down side, ordinary investors may get concerned about Toncoin’s token distribution. The top 100 wealthiest investors own 93% of the supply of Toncoin, while the top 10 holders own nearly 60% of the cryptocurrency, according to CoinCarp data.

TON token distribution chart
TON token distribution chart

The Token of NFT New Era (TONNE) has garnered significant attention in recent months, thanks to its unique positioning within the booming NFT market.

As the NFT sector continues to expand rapidly, driven by increased mainstream adoption and growing interest from investors and collectors alike, TONNE has emerged as a promising player in this space.

One of the key factors contributing to TONNE’s momentum is its innovative approach to NFTs, offering a platform that aims to revolutionize the way digital assets are bought, sold, and traded.

By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, TONNE provides users with a decentralized marketplace where they can mint, buy, and sell NFTs securely and transparently.

Furthermore, TONNE’s strategic partnerships and collaborations have bolstered its standing within the NFT ecosystem.

By teaming up with established artists, brands, and creators, TONNE has been able to attract a diverse range of content to its platform, appealing to collectors with varying tastes and preferences.

TONNE’s innovative approach to NFTs and strategic partnerships have fueled its momentum in the booming digital asset market, but navigating competition and regulatory uncertainties will be critical for its sustained success.

However, despite its initial success, TONNE faces several challenges that could impact its ability to sustain momentum in the long term.

One such challenge is the competitive nature of the NFT market, which continues to attract new players vying for market share.

To remain competitive, TONNE will need to differentiate itself further and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, regulatory uncertainty surrounding the NFT space could pose risks to TONNE’s growth trajectory.

As governments around the world grapple with how to regulate digital assets, the regulatory landscape for NFTs remains murky, creating potential hurdles for platforms like TONNE to navigate.

In conclusion, while TONNE has experienced significant momentum in recent months, its ability to sustain this momentum will depend on its ability to overcome challenges such as market competition and regulatory uncertainty.

By continuing to innovate, forge strategic partnerships, and adapt to evolving market dynamics, TONNE may be well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for NFTs and cement its position as a leading player in the space.

Toncoin: market dynamics
Toncoin: market dynamics

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